Architects of the Smart Bankscape

Staying competitive and compliant in the global banking ecosystem today means exceptionally sharpened strategic acumen powered by actionable insights. Fintellix understands the challenges and aspirations of progressive banks as well as the need for specialized information for making fast and accurate data-driven decisions. As Architects of the Smart Bankscape, Fintellix engineers unconventional solutions that integrate existing information management technology systems to deliver actionable insights faster. Fintellix combines extensive core banking knowledge, Analytics, Risk and Compliance technology competence to deliver a radical approach for generating actionable insights. The outcome is smart, best-in-class solutions that leverage vast repositories of business critical data resident in transactional systems.

Fintellix believes in partnering with the client’s ‘information value journey’ with feature-rich products, strategic value-driven services and innovative engagement models that dramatically shrink solution deployment timelines while exponentially enhancing enterprise growth and compliance efficiencies. Leveraging customer-centric processes and methodologies, Fintellix’s agile team of banking technologists works relentlessly on delivering the best value to banking customers. Fintellix specialises in ‘projectised’ engagements where the TCO is determined even before the project commences. Discover what engagement model works best for your bank, and we will structure it specific to your unique requirements. Imagine a whole new way of making banking data work. Welcome to Fintellix.