Accuracy and Integrity – Ensuring accuracy to the last mile

Probably the only way to ensure accuracy in Liquidity reporting is to have a powerful reporting platform that intermediates between the sources of data and the final return.

Accuracy is a pursuit that begins with the generation of data and ends only with production of the final report. In this context, a reporting platform that helps manage the data journey from source to return is critical.

NL3The first step to accurate reporting is ensuring the data is complete and correct by monitoring the data load process and profiling the data. Next in line are correcting source system errors and thirdly, performing necessary enrichments to fill data gaps .

Once data is ready, the next step is ensuring the application of correct classification rules first to transform “product types” and “security types” to asset categories and then on to HQLA classes. Various classification rules have to be created and maintained by users and for this such rules need to be easily accessible and “understandable.”

Template changes and need for new visualizations of data are frequent and need to be tracked and implemented which inturn requires a versatile and easy to use report writer tool.

All of these features can only be provided by a powerful reporting platform which insulates the raw data from the final outcomes ; hence having this intermediate layer is critical to ensuring accurate submissions and simplify change management.

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