Fintellix Experience – Insights gleaned from the Fintellix client repertoire

One of the leading multinational banks headquartered in North America, has leveraged the Fintellix regulatory reporting platform and data model to automate its asset quality reporting (in India). The Fintellix solution entails end to end Data Processing starting from to Data Integration to final reporting

  • Integration of the corporate and retail loans portfolio from diverse source systems and imposition of a standard data definition
  • Unification of multiple identities of a single customer to create a single view so that the bank can solve cross classification challenges and perform a customer level classification – impose the “worst” classification across different credit facilities of the same customer
  • Classification of loans using a parameterizable framework into different
    “Non performing “ and “Early Warning” categories
  • Computation of provisioning amount and generation of appropriate accounting entries as per the GL structure of the bank

Significant benefits in terms of cost and time economies, as users are now engaged purely in review and analyses of system identified accounts rather in preparation of the list of accounts as per regulatory norms. In addition, users have access to the identified list of accounts and can run different types of analyses on it, to identify common attributes and potential causal factors for NPA accounts.

ALLL case study

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