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Mastering the 4 Rs of banking

The ability of banks to gain insights from vast amounts of constantly changing data is a key concern to ensure profitable growth. For any large bank which has a few thousand branches, the customer offerings are varied and customers themselves … Continue reading

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Enabling Strategic Decision Making: The role of Decision Support Systems in banks

Two friends hiking in a forest suddenly spot a tiger. One of them quickly reaches into his backpack and takes out his running shoes. His puzzled pal asks, ‘Do you really think those are going to make you run faster … Continue reading

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An enterprise-wide BI strategy to usher better customer-centricity in banks

Customer centricity is the ability to organize resources, capital, products, services and investments to best serve a customer across the customer life cycle. The retail banking industry has become highly competitive and commoditised. To succeed, banks must position customer centricity … Continue reading

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